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I am JordanaSoliel Monteiro, a photographer from Boston and founder of Who Loves You Photography.  My love for capturing moments began with my Uncle Jerry” documenting family events through snapshots.  I am the youngest of her mother’s  two children and one of the youngest of her generation in the “Monteiro Family”.  The birth of 14 nieces and nephews,1 God-daughter, and 1 Great- Nephew and 2 Great-Nieces presented me with plenty of opportunities to document life through photography, like my Uncle Jerry once did for me.

My interest in capturing moments led her to take photography courses at Concord-Carlisle High School.   Here, I got the wonderful opportunity to be taught and mentored by Mr. David Prifti (now deceased), a MFA Yale University School of Art and BFA Mass College of Art graduate.  Mr. Prifti seen potential in me. With Mr. Prifit, I  started  off with a box painted black, a piece of copper and photo paper.  This was a practice to ensure my appreciation of photography and its history.  Through Mr. Prifti’s lessons he unknowingly pushed my  curiosity and talent to pursue photography.

I dedicated my adolescence to the youth in the city of Boston and surrounding areas.  I have serviced people of the community holding job positions at The National Park Service, Youth Opportunity Boston, The Patriots Trail Girl Scout Council, and The Littleton Group Home to name a few.  The experiences I gained throughout my life and career exposed me to the beauty and ugly the world holds. 

Behind the camera I enjoy being able to capture moments that last forever and capture sights that people miss.  I am extremely conscious behind the camera provoking people to feel the beauty around them and feel a responsibility to heal the despair that is caught behind my lens.​


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